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Basics of Shocks and Struts

When talking about shocks and struts, one has a lot of questions about the two. They are often said to be the same, but there are several differences between the same.

Shock absorbers

A shock absorber is typically installed on an automobile and its job is to keeps the car from bouncing.  Different types of struts considerably perform different things. Struts are said to be a structural item of the suspension system in a vehicle and are settled to the chassis of the automobile at the top, and then they come down.  They present a settlement to hang the coil spring, and the spring is used to maintain the height of the automobile.  It also helps to replace the upper control arm. It links directly to the knuckle installed in the vehicle which gives an ability to adjust the alignment. Shock absorbers, for example, nissan titan shock kit, give better handling, while the struts offer a low initial cost.

Schoke kit

Strut system

The struts must be checked regularly. As a reviewer, you have to check two main things, the first thing is that you are going to bounce the vehicle up and then down, abs the second is that you are going to do the same over every wheel. You have to consider the regular state of the rest and then you get the struts bouncing so it bounces above the normal state of rest and below the normal level. You will have to let go of it when it is in the down position. It will come back to the center. You have to also check for the signs of oil and whether it is leaking out from the shock or strut.  If oil is leaking, then it is likely a bad sign and you can replace the shock and strut, along with the fronts or the rears.

If you want to replace the shocks and struts by yourself, the shocks are very easy to change. You still have to follow the directions that are presented in the guidebooks of the shock absorber.  To change the strut you have to get the spring compressors for example that are mounted on the spring.  This will help to compress the spring and give you the ability to manage it.  You have to be vigilant with the strut because it is quite tricky, but you can change the struts.