Can you buy a designer bag as an investment?

Many people avoid buying a designer bag, as they believe it is intended only for the rich. After all, with luxury bags valued at three thousand dollars or more, why do you spend so much money? There are several reasons to use a known brand, a collection bag as an investment.

Let’s see it that way

The price of designer bags has increased more and more, and if you are a good investor, you will know that you can invest in a luxury bag. A designer bag from a well-known brand can really give you amazing long-term results. People who collect luxury bags can see how their value is growing very quickly.

In fact, if you want to go to statistics, here is one for you. A Hermes Birkin red crocodile wallet with white gold and diamonds was recently sold for a whopping $ 203,150. In fact, the expectations were only $ 80,000. If you think this is the only case in which a handbag brings incredible amounts of money, you are wrong. Many collectible bags sold for tens of thousands of dollars.


This is what happens

If you buy luxury designer bag Singapore and do not use it or use it rarely, its value increases over time. In the previous case, if you came to Hermes today, you will not receive the exact bag. A bag means exclusivity, since nobody else has the same bag.

Design houses increased bag prices by almost ten percent a year. This means that the bag you get for just one thousand dollars today will cost much more in ten years. Also, if you buy a suitable bag, it can become a rare collectible bag, since no one will receive it.