Canninghill square Former Liang court – build what matters

Canninghill Square Former Liang court is the newer development project which is located right in the heart of the city and next to the Singapore river. The former Liang court is going to be developed newly by association of three major companies and will be turned into an integrated development located next to the river valley and in the centre of the city.

This developers of the project are City Developments Limited (CDL), Ascott residence Trust and CapitaLand limited. This is done in district 09 with a gross floor area of 1,078,829 square feet. The project consists of total 700 units and two towers are constructed with 192 service apartments for residents and others are few hotel rooms constructed along the Singapore river.

The Canninghill square City Developments Limited Hospitality Trusts CDLHT proposed deal will be the iconic project in the centre of the city and with various commercial projects. These commercial projects to be connected to Clarke quay which is along the side of Singapore river to offers best rated food & beverages and other items to the doorsteps of nearby residents. Former Liang court is a double fronting lot facing both the Singapore hill and Singapore River Fort and canning hill.


The project along the river valley attracts worldwide visitors to visit and investors to invest in and even people staying at homes to stay there with its scenic beauty. This project which is built in district 09 is located in the city centre of Singapore so it will be easy to residents to travel anywhere anytime with good local transportation. There is Newton MRT station one can easily access this facility and there are two main roads Bukit Timah Road and Kampong Java Road to get connected directly to major city roads. There are two expressways namely Pan island expressway and Central expressway near to district 09 through which they can go to any other places an countries.


District 09 has many shopping malls small roadside to international branded Shopping areas, eateries, cuisines, fun and adventure places and many more. The residents can go anywhere anytime even without vehicle and get works done. Schools , other educational institutions and hospitals are also located in district 09 so there is no need to worry for children’s studies and even for emergencies as hospitals are present in district.. This place is even best for foreign visitors or people new to place as they can get everything and anything they need and can invest as here rents are high and of huge demand. This place has many job opportunities and even person owning a house gets high rental fees.