Gasoline or Diesel for Trucks

While the increasing price of fuel has turned away some buyers from larger vehicles like pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles. The market for these vehicles though still exist and there still rages a debate as to whether a gasoline engine or a diesel engine is best for these larger vehicles especially the pickup trucks.

Automakers are offering both gasoline and diesel variants for light trucks in the market today. Therefore, consumers are faced with the task to choose between the two variants. Picking between the two is not an easy task though as each has its own abilities. ekspedisi JNE

There are several factors to consider when choosing between these two. One of this is noise and vibration. In the 1970s, diesel engines were widely used on vehicles for sale in the United States because of the fuel crisis back then. While relatively cheaper, diesel did not endear itself to the American car buying public due to its noisy operation.

Even today, when new technologies are being implemented on diesel engines, it is still noisier than gas engines. So if you are looking for a pickup truck which has an engine that purrs not growl, gasoline is the way to go.

If you are basing solely on fuel economy, diesel will beat gasoline. As stated, diesel is less expensive than gasoline thus making it a more practical choice for light truck buyers looking for a vehicle that will not make them regret the decision when pumping fuel.

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Also, diesel has a higher energy density than gasoline. What this means is that it takes more gallon of gasoline to produce the same power produced by diesel. This of course translates to the diesel being more efficient than gasoline.

Gasoline also has the edge over diesel when it comes to short-term maintenance. Regular maintenance for the gasoline engine is less expensive than regular maintenance for diesel engine because of the huge amount of engine oil needed in a diesel engine. Also, since the gasoline engine is cleaner than diesel in terms of operation, it needs less effort in cleaning.

On the other hand, a diesel engine will last more than a gasoline engine normally. In the past, major automakers like GM, Ford, and Chrysler spent a lot of money and man-hour in developing diesel engines for their light trucks. Today though, they are sourcing their diesel engines from major diesel engine producer like Cummins. The wealth of knowledge of said companies has paved the way for a more durable diesel engine for light trucks.

While gasoline and diesel each has its advantages and disadvantages, the final decision should be made on how you will use the light truck. Take all the pros and cons of each engine and check it against the needs that you have for a light truck. Of course, the way the engine responds to your command is a great difference maker. For that reason, you should test drive a gasoline and a diesel engine variant of a model you are looking to buy to get an idea of how the vehicle really reacts to real-world driving.