How fake id makers get away

Nowadays, fake id cards are so accurate, you can’t tell one from the original. While you might envy that friend of yours who sports a card in which he is already above legal age, you must know that it is illegal. Even though it is illegal, fake id card makers often get away with it. How exactly does that happen?

There is more than one reason for it. The principle reason would probably be that they keep themselves beyond the reach of authorities.

1- Taking the business abroad

With all businesses going online, there has been no reason for fake id business not to do so. In fact, online fake id making is much safer. You don’t have to reveal the country you are staying in, Id authorities cannot convict you and it is much cheaper.

2- Hard to track

It is hard to track online fake id makers. Fake id companies that use anonymity can issue fake ids from almost anywhere in the world. So they are largely at loose.

3- Fake id technology is cheap

Even though id’s have grown complicated with time, fake id technology is still rather cheap. As the demand and price for fake id cards have risen, the industry has flourished and brought easy money to fake id makers.

fake id card

4- Mass production

Due to advanced technology, fake ids don’t need to be produced individually. Instead, today they can be mass produced. This makes fake ids cheaper to produce, increasing the earnings of fake id makers.

5- Government inaction

The government hasn’t taken any serious action to control the use and spread of fake ids. In fact, government officials get fooled by fake ids too. There are no scans that can perfectly detect fake id’s from original ids. Hence the prevalence of fake id’s in the country.

In America, each state has its own id department that issues separate and different ids. This has given the fake id industry a wider scope. Today, fake id makers can produce ids that are so strikingly identical to original ids that fake ids can even pass scans without any problems.

While issuing alternate identifications like mobile phone proofs or something similar might look like a good option, adopting newer identification technology can be costly and hard to implement nation wise. As such, the fake id industry looks like one, that has a very promising future.