men eyebrows for proper male Grooming

In fact, given that men’s models are under development, men’s cosmetics have been constantly popularized. Of course, there is art in makeup, especially with regard to men’s makeup. It goes without saying that it must be so subtle that it is difficult to make the appearance be the conclusion of makeup! First things first. Regular skin care is very important.

Of course, applying makeup is an art, especially when it comes to men’s makeup

It goes without saying that it must be so subtle that it is not easy to understand that the appearance is the result of makeup. It is very important to keep cosmetics with a matte surface (not shiny). Glitter, shine and men eyebrows are not for men.

Mix. The base of the face should be the same tone as your overall skin tone. If you have a beard or mustache, avoid applying a foundation in these areas. Pressed powder can also help, especially in humid climates and for oily skin.

men eyebrowsLeave the base and use the powder

This helps to reduce brightness. It can be used in fatty areas such as the forehead, nose and chin. I choose a light matte powder in beige tones. To clean the mess Free eyebrow hair can always be torn off to give them a better shape. To make your eyes look brighter, a touch of shadow can help. A dark gray or dark brown shade can be used to outline the eyes, just below the eyelashes. The goal should be to achieve a natural look.

The mixture helps. You can also use the mask layer to make your eyes look darker and brighter. Comb the eyelashes after applying the mascara so that the eyelashes do not stick.