Mild In Vitro Fertilization – What You Need to Know

When you are planning to choose a more complex conception procedure, you should consider IVF options and costs. There is what we call the minimal stimulation IVF or also known as the mild IVF. However, this is not as popular as the other procedures. So is it worth a try?

            Remember that IVF options and costs are a bit pricey. So before you decide, you have to make sure that yours and your partner’s decision are solid. Mild IVF is more affordable compared to the standard IVF cycle. There is a growing number of clinics who are offering this procedure, and somehow, are showing very good results.

The Mild IVF Facts

            Mild IVF is a treatment cycle which often uses a lower dose of the FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone medication. This is then combined with Clomid pills. In the traditional IVF cycles, the patient is injected with 125 to 450 daily units while in the mild IVF cycle, the FSH dose is lower, which is at about 75 to 100 units a day. This FSH dosage will be coupled with 150 to 200 mg of Clomid pills a day as well. Clomid will stimulate the growth of the follicles.

What are the Mild IVF Goals?

The Mild IVF procedure aims to grow the better quality of follicles in small quantities. This is best for women who are in their later years since the mild IVF cycle will help them produce more viable eggs. With Mild IVF, the approach is the same with the standard IVF cycle, but lighter and more gentle.

The Mild IVF Success Rates

The success rates of Mild IVF is promising. Fertilization rates are impressive with the Mild IVF procedure. For most patients, Mild IVF is worth considering. When traditional IVF cycles are more expensive, you can opt for the Mild IVF. It’s less expensive, safe, and the success rate is believed to be the same as the traditional procedure.