The ultimate handmade gift ideas for you

Making homemade gifts is not only cheaper but unique and more personal for the recipient. There are a lot of ideas on Pinterest and Buzzfeed, but I think those are the simplest and cheapest.In this article, we are going to talk about top handmade gift ideas. Click here for custom made gift singapore.

Gift basket

It is one of the most satisfying gifts to give someone. You can buy very cheap baskets at Amazon or probably at any local craft store. With a handkerchief you can decorate the interior and hold the gifts in a more stable way. If you do not find a basket, you can use an old shoe box or anything you have at home and that can be used to store objects. With a shoe box, you can decorate the outside with wrapping. Buy your favorite food, accessories, a can of your favorite beverage, fruit, a box of your favorite tea, homemade cookies … whatever you want! Leave a note inside for that final personal touch.Visit this site for custom made gift singapore.

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Kit for tea or coffee lovers

You can use a jar or shoebox again, put coffee or tea, cookies, syrups, a cup or glass, lumps of sugar, coffee beans. It will be a delight and is one of the cheapest gifts to make. Decorate it with labels and ribbons and even include a gift voucher of a coffee shop. Add a mini liquor for an Irish coffee or chocolate flavored coffee for a change.


Knitting is usually something we associate with our grandparents but many young people are trying to start with it. There are all kinds of online tutorials on YouTube and I am sure that someone in your family can help you. If you are a beginner, start with a scarf. Do a little every day and soon you will have the final product.

Chocolate Bar Bouquet

It is very fun to do it and the final product is quite impressive. You need an empty, washed can, some foam, some glue, lollipop sticks and some decorating tape … and, of course, lots of chocolate bars!