Trending Home Renovations

We know what it is, there is always a mountain of renovations to do in your house, your condo, your chalet, your duplex, your bungalow or your triplex and they all seem very important! What is certain is that they all deserve to be treated by contractors Verified at 360 bathroom upgrade forked river nj  Whether for a general renovation of your home, for your stairs, your entrance hall, or any room in your house, we have the perfect contractors for your project.

bathroom upgrade forked river njInterior renovations


 A  must in your home and the room that is often the busiest, the kitchen. It is a family gathering point and the perfect place to welcome your visit, so you might as well make it a warm and welcoming place! Learn more about our kitchens.


The main bathroom of your residence should, on average, get a makeover every 15 years. Glass shower with c eramic base, freestanding bath, double vanity with a bright finish, etc. There are many possibilities available to you  bathroom upgrade forked river nj Learn more about the bathrooms.


Is your basement still not finished? Take the opportunity to increase your living space by finishing a basement or even by creating an apartment to make the most of all the space in your home. Learn more about basement finishes and home conversions.

General floor renovation

Do you have any other type of work such as changing floors, redoing stairs, refitting your wall finishes, and much more? You are in the right place to find the right entrepreneurs.

Exterior renovations

For the clothing and protection of your building, a large list of exterior work is available to protect the investment that is your home.


For the first glimpse of your outdoor environment where your house will be located, your layout brings a unique cachet to your house. In addition, it allows you to relax and enjoy the sun in hot weather. To learn more about the types of landscaping possible, visit our landscaping page.

Balcony and terrace

Wooden balconies of all kinds, aluminum balconies, fiberglass balconies, concrete balconies, composite balconies, in short, an impressive range of choices is available, and without the judicious advice of a specialist balcony contractor, it will be difficult to make a wise and informed choice that will adapt perfectly to your budget and your goals. To get there, we invite you to consult our page, which explains the advantages of each type of balcony.