Used Car Sales – How to Find Cheap Cars for Resale

Are you a new used car dealership and want to expand your inventory? If so, you are looking for cheap vehicles that you can resell for profit. Sounds pretty easy, but how to get started?

Car auctions

It’s no secret that most used car dealers get their cars from car auctions. The good news is that you will find many auctions to choose from. For example, you can find a general car auction in your area, and then hold a dealer auction (where only used car dealers such as you can participate). The only drawbacks are transportation problems and lack of guarantees. You can leave without cheap vehicles to resell or ten of them, but do you have a plan to return them to your dealership?


There are several online car buying sites, but often these lists come from dealers like you. It may be interesting to focus your attention on classified style sites or online markets. You should be able to find some cheap for sale proprietary cars that you can buy and resell on your site for profit. As you know, you will meet with some suppliers who are asking for a quote, as described in Kelly’s Blue Book. This does not leave much room for profit, but remember that you are a used car seller who was born to negotiate, do it!

used cars in chicagoExchange

Some used cars in chicago dealers like to avoid swaps because they tend to reduce their profits, but only if they do the wrong swaps. To protect your business, your finances, and your inventory, do not accept any vehicles as an exchange; Make sure you are in good shape. Also consider the problems you can solve. Let’s say you also work as a car mechanic or you have a repair shop serviced by specialists. A car that needs new brakes, new wheel bearings and a fixed dent may not be an ideal choice for a car buyer, but it can offer low exchange costs, repair a car and resell it for profit.

As you can see, you, as a distributor, have several options for storing your dealer lot. If you decide to use the Internet, consider investing in a search engine for desktop cars, which allows you to simultaneously search thousands of websites (looking for vehicle sites and classified sites). This can save time, save money in the long run, and eliminate discomfort.