Where to find long lasting eyelash extensions?

Getting dense, Lengthy and natural eyelash extensions is a necessity to enhance your look nowadays. Eyelash extensions are basically a process to add synthetic strands of eyelashes to your natural eyelashes. So a question arises: How long do eyelash extensions last? Sometimes eyelash extensions don’t last long which creates a problem. The lash company solves these problems, their products are of high quality, natural looking, and last longer. They believe that if you have natural healthy eyelashes, the eyelash extensions will last longer. They provide a wide variety of eyelash extensions you can choose from according to your requirements. The lash company eyelash extension procedure takes around 1 to 2 hours and the extensions take around 3 to 5 weeks to set in. You can also customize the eyelash extensions according to the length, curls, and thickness you want.

eyelash extension

What makes lash company extensions the best?

The outstanding service along with superior quality products makes the lash company the best. They have a wide range of options available with the best services across Singapore. You can easily book an appointment to get an eyelash extension at the lash company. You just need to attend your appointment with clean and neat lashes. You should also not use any oil based cleanser or cream 3 days before the appointment. The process is very easy and they also provide complementary services. You also get an after care kit to make your eyelash extension last longer. You can book your slot on the lash company online store or contact them via the contact number given on their website. So hurry up and book your appointment at the lash company now.