Which dog grooming equipment to use?

If you choose a home Mobile dog grooming Doral , the tools that cannot be missing are the metal comb, to be preferred over the plastic ones because they are much more resistant, and the brush, an indispensable accessory to make the animal’s fur soft and fluffy pet grooming Doral.

In the case of the comb, the one with narrow teeth is available, to untangle the coat to perfection, and the one with wide teeth, at least 2 mm apart, ideal for untangling knots and tangles of the coat.

The professional dog grooming equipment also includes scissors, clipper, hand shower with mixer, aspirator for liquids, hairdryer, accessories for oral and dental hygiene, absorbent hygienic mats for animals and also a series of products to care for dog paws .

How does dog grooming work at home?

If you are not able to personally carry out the grooming of the dog, it is also possible to request the home service. In fact, there are professional groomers who take care of grooming dogs directly at home.

This is a service that you can request when you don’t feel like going to the dog salon and need help from a professional who knows how to cut and keep the hair clean. In fact, there are dog breeds that need frequent hair regulation, such as poodles, which require frequent care.

The professionals who carry out the home service are fully equipped and offer all the services of physical stores. Grooming at home has several advantages and allows you to avoid long waits in the salons, but it also allows the animal to be at ease as it is in a familiar environment.

Obviously, for Mobile dog grooming Doral, prices and professionalism are to be taken into consideration, and generally the costs are a little higher, but there is the advantage of being able to receive the service for any size of dog, including large ones.

It is important to know that a lower PH has a greater bactericidal and bacteriostatic activity, so it is clear that it is essential to use a suitable shampoo for professional grooming. Avoid, as many do, perhaps unknowingly, using shampoo for people to wash the dog because it is too aggressive.