Why choose an ACL repair?

Orthopedic surgeons around the world use this minimally invasive procedure these days to perform various types of knee surgery, including anterior cruciate ligament repair / restoration, meniscus repair, and damaged patella.


Arthroscopy is a Greek word, where “arthro” means “joint” and “scopy” means “to look”, so the term literally means “to look at a joint”. Arthroscopy is the keyhole surgery used by orthopedic surgeons to visualize and diagnose joint problems. It is often used to diagnose problems such as swelling or stiffness in the knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. This technique can also be used to repair a variety of damage to a joint. For example, an arthroscopy can:

    Repair / rebuild torn cartilage

    Removal of bone fragments or broken cartilage

    Fix frozen shoulder

Sholder pain

Summary of procedures

During arthroscopic surgery for a torn acl reconstruction cost, the orthopedic surgeon makes two small incisions (about the size of a loop) instead of one large incision in the affected joint, then pumps a sterile saline solution (purified salt water) into the knee through a single incision to expand it widthwise and remove any cloudy fluid from the knee. Region.

The surgeon then inserts a pencil-sized instrument containing a small camera and fiber optics to enlarge and lighten the internal structures of the knee. The images obtained with the camera are then displayed on a screen in the playback group.

The images captured by a miniature television camera connected to the arthroscope are displayed on a video screen in the operating room so that the surgeon can see inside the knee.

Through other small incisions, small surgical exercises are inserted to repair / reconstruct a torn ligament or to replace a damaged ligament with a graft.