A Few Tips on Graphic Design

Graphic designing is a highly competitive industry. There are a lot of students every year who major in graphic designing, and they should as it is a good paying job and allows one to grow properly in the industry. Since there are a lot of graphic designers, it’s easy to go wrong with some of the basics of designing. Let’s look at a few of the graphic design basics to keep your work consistent and clean.

Keep it simple:
Having complex elements in your design does not necessarily mean that it’s going to be good. Sometimes using complex elements could totally defeat the purpose of a particular design. Always try and keep it simple and It should be good as long as it meets the client’s requirements.

Keep it clutter-free:
Make sure your design is short and simple. If it contains a lot of elements, the text might start looking cramped up and the design could be filled with clutter. This could prove difficult for the users to read the typeface properly.

Usage of fonts:
There are thousands of fonts available and it could be quite difficult to pick the right one. I suggest not to use anything fancy as it ends up looking very unprofessional. Pick a simple, straightforward font that makes it easier on the eyes and matches the subject of the content.

Text positioning:
The positioning of your content is really important. More often than not, typefaces are usually accompanied by images and shapes. Make sure there’s enough space for all the other elements to be included as well.

Use font elements:
Usage of bold, italics and underlining is highly encouraged to emphasize certain words and give your content a bit more meaning. However, make sure you use one single font as it helps in maintaining consistency.

Be careful with colors:
Using different colors that are not compatible with each other could be very distracting. I suggest sticking to one color and using its lighter and darker variants. This will keep your typeface clean and easy to read.

Know your subject:
Having as much knowledge as possible about your subject is really beneficial. This will allow you to create clever and witty content for your clients. This is way better than writing something generic. People always appreciate something original, creative and unique. This will also please your clients.

These are just some of the graphic design basics to keep in mind while creating a typeface. Always remember to make something original and creative. This is what differentiates a good graphic designer from the best.