An interview is a networking opportunity!

As a recruiter, I always received candidates who remembered a short thank you and summary after recruitment. Why? This is an extremely kind gesture in their division. In addition, few people treat recruitment as a networking opportunity that will help your professional contacts. To write a message, you must have contact with recruiters who interviewed you. How to get this contact? Ask for business cards or find a recruiter after talking on LinkedIn. Each of them  has an account on this portal 🙂 You can easily send an invitation to the network of acquaintances. Don’t neglect a valuable source of information about you and your employer!

Thank you and summarize the most important findings

You, as a candidate, primarily benefit from sending such a message. Why? In addition to presenting yourself as a polite person, you get a reason to highlight the most important findings from the entire recruitment process. A thank you message is an important part of recruitment that will allow you to confirm in writing everything you have learned or wanted to convey. Email confirmations after business meetings are commonplace! They just make life easier. That is why I encourage you to write such an email or message on LinkedIn up to 48 hours after recruitment. It’s easier to remember the most important arrangements and remind them of the recruiter.

Link to the “ideal candidate.”

Do you remember one of the questions in the interview, you should ask: “what is the candidate ideal for this position?”

 job interview

During the interview, you mentioned that you are looking for a candidate with good sales experience. I’ve always been able to implement sales plans at 120%, which is why I think I’ll be the right person. “

I remember that an ideal candidate should create effective social media campaigns. I would like to use the experience of running my previous company/hobby profile, where I managed to gather 1,000 new followers in a quarter. “

Specify when you should get an answer

I always urge blog readers and people I help create a professional CV to strive to define the next steps in recruitment during the interview clearly. This is important, above all, for you. Therefore, do not leave any understatement here. Arrange with the recruiter when to get an answer and from whom. Then highlight it in the email you send. This will make the recruiter remember that you care about feedback. You gain underlining words that were recruited. It is also a persuasive element.