Are Damper Actuators Functional? Know The Different Types!

What damper is? You may be unaware of what damper is. To start with, dampers are very important and very useful in so many ways. You may find it in different places unrecognized. But, you need to know that dampers are crucial. A damper is a plate or a valve that is regulating the flow of air in an air handler or any air-handling equipment. It is also used for cutting off the central heating and cooling to an unused room. Dampers help in regulating climate control and room-by-room temperature.

hvac controlsHow does it operate?

Dampers’ operation can be automatic or manual. A manual damper is turned using a handle on the outside of the dust, while an automatic damper is used for regulating airflow constantly. The automatic damper is operated by pneumatic or electric motors. It is controlled by building automation or a thermostat system. Motorized or automatic dampers are controlled by the solenoid. Then, calibration happened by controlling the degree of airflow. Possibly, it will be according to the signals on the thermostat that goes to the damper actuator. So, it modulates the airflow of air conditioning to effects climate control. Now, there are different types of control damper actuators, such as the following:

  • Direct-coupled actuators. This type of damper actuator is very easy to install. It has a self-centering shaft adapter that can provide a greater clamping force and mounting flexibility. It has a common wiring and detachable access cover. The detachable access cover will allow direct wiring with the absence of a junction box.
  • Fire and smoke damper actuators. This type of damper actuator has an easy-to-install fire and smoke actuator with universal replacement. It can deliver fast-acting damper close having flexible mounting. It has the largest range of torque. The integral spring return will ensure to have a proper level and consistent torque. The time-saving feature of this damper actuator makes it great for us due to its reversible mounting orientation.
  • Foot mounted motors. This type of damper actuator has a complete line of non-spring return and spring return. It is used for retrofit and service applications.

The control dampers can be easily installed at different points in the ductwork; it can regulate the flow of air by the system. Now, you need to know that dampers can also be adjusted. It can be used for air mixing zones for cooling and heating air. To perform the given tasks, the control dampers automatically open or close their blades fully many times within a day. Plus, you can have various options of actuators to control its movement of blades.