Benefits and Side Effects of Tyrosine

Tyrosine is an amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. The body is making tyrosine from another amino acid which is called phenylalanine. Tyrosine can also be found in dairy products, fish, meats, eggs, beans, nuts, wheat, and oats.

Uses and Effectiveness of Tyrosine

  • PKU

Tyrosine is effective for PKU i.e. Phenylketonuria.  People who are suffering from PKU are not been able to process enough amino acid. This amino acid is used for making tyrosine by the body. Because of this, people are having a low level of tyrosine in the body. For preventing the tyrosine levels from the beginning too low, People who are with PKU has been advised to consume the medical foods which contain tyrosine but a little of phenylalanine. The levels of Tyrosin are always measured in the blood by the physician.

  • Mental Performance

Research is showing that when you are taking tyrosine it will improve the mental performance under the stressful conditions. These will include the cold-induced stress and noise-induced stress.

improve the mental performance

  • Memory

Research is also showing that when you are taking tyrosine than the memory will improve in the stressful condition. These will include the cold-induced stress and the multi-tasking. Tyrosine will not improve the memory in the less stressful situations.

  • Alertness

The alertness will be improved when there is a loss of sleep. When you are taking tyrosine that it is helping the people who have lost the night sleep and will stay alert for about 3 hours. Also, the research is showing that tyrosine is improving memory and reasoning in the people who are deprived of sleep.

Tyrosine is not Effective for the below-given condition

Attention deficit disorder, Depression and exercise performance is l tyrosine side effects.

 Attention deficit disorder, i.e. ADD, when you are taking tyrosine by mouth that will not improve the symptoms in children or adults with ADHD.

Depression, when taking tyrosine by mouth, it will not improve the symptoms of depression.

Exercise performance, when taking tyrosine before cycling and running it will not improve the stamina, strength, and performance.

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Tyrosine is very safe when you are taking by mouth in the food amounts.  It is very safe when adults are taking this as a medicine, short-term and when it is applied to the skin.