Different types of wrenches 

Wrenches are an essential component of any toolkit or toolset. But apart from the ones we commonly have in our houses, the valve wheel comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of applications. Just several wrenches, such as a fire hose reel wrench, are only used for one thing. Others, such as a combined or flexible wrench, could be utilized for a variety of tasks. 


Both extremities of this sort of wrench are open-ended. The apertures will be in the form of a U. The diameter of these holes differs. When working with difficult-to-reach bolts, such wrenches come in handy. They make it considerably easier to spin these nuts and bolts. 

Box ended

Both ends of box-ended wrenches have a closed circuit. This loop is normally made to suit a hexagonal structure, although it might be made to accommodate a square shape in rare situations. Both ends have looping that of different diameters. When open-ended tools aren’t suitable, these wrenches are utilized. The utilization of box-ended wrenches prevents the summing of corners that can occur when using open-ended wrenches. 


As the title indicates, a combination wrench combines the features of both an open-ended and a box-ended wrench. One side of this wrench features a closed circuit, and the other side is open-ended. The box-end may be utilized to loosen nuts and bolts, while the open-end could be utilized to swiftly split them. In this combination, most people utilize combination wrenches, which means both sides are the same length.