Eagle Birds Statue | Make Merry with the “Symbol of Freedom”

One of the largest birds in the world has the longest life span. It can live up to 70 Years. But it will be the toughest verdict to survive. Guess what? The fighter bird is nothing but an Eagle. At the age of 40,its feathers will stick to its chest. It will be very hard to fly high. So, most of the eagles will go through the changes to survive & live. To uphold the rebirth activities, we look at an eagle as a “Symbol of Freedom”. That is why in many of the parks & tourist places they will have an eagle birds statue.

eagle birds statue

Presently, “Jatayu Earth Centre” is having the world’s biggest eagle birds statue. This park is located at “Chatatya-Mangalam” in Kollam, Kerala. When it is said to be a big sculpture, it is 200 feet long, 70 feet high-built and 150 feet wide. The massive sculpture named Jatayu is having only one wing. The awesome sculpture of this bird has amazing wings that spread onto the ground. Developed out of compacted concrete (aside from the claws, which are tempered steel), Jatayu is an exemplification of boldness and valor.

Though, all have said that Jatayu is to bring back the epic of Ramayana. But, Anchal said that it is the monument placed as a cultural one. So, the sculpture’s importance has been turned into a tribute to Women’s Safety and Honour. To see the beautiful statue, travel to Kollam which is 50 kilometers far from Trivandrum.Though, if you guys have an idea to own it, you can reach out to the Baoding City which is located in Tangxian County, China.