Everything You Need To Know AboutCommercial General Liability Insurance 

More commonly known as business liability insurance, commercial general liability insurance is a protection for you and your business from general insurance claims like property damage and third-party bodily injuries. All kinds of businesses require this type of insurance as part of their roster of insurances.

Routine business operations can sometimes go wrong, and this may end up causing property damage or bodily damage to persons nearby. This unique policy ensures that companies are financially protected against public liability lawsuits and class action lawsuits. It is mostly used and recommended for companies that develop and manufacture software and physical products for consumers.

What is commercial general liability insurance about?

It is a broad type of insurance. This type of insurance covers the medical expenses and legal attorney fees resulting from bodily injuries and property damage that may be a direct or indirect fault of your company. Your company is legally responsible for any damages that are incurred by:

  • Third-party individuals
  • Your employees while working at a site
  • Property damages
  • Advertising damages

If any of your company products or services lead to the destruction of property or body injuries, you will be held accountable to pay for those damages too. If you are using the rented property as the base for operations, the insurance can cover the damages you may have caused to the property if held accountable by your landlord.

The Importance Of Commercial General Liability Insurance

This insurance covers the costs and compensations demands related to these.

What type of damages does this insurance not cover?

This type of insurance is a broad-based cover for most kinds of damages however, certain types of damages are not covered by this. These are:

  • Professional errors
  • Damage to employees in the office
  • Damage to the company
  • Auto accidents

Commercial general liability insuranceis a necessity for companies to remain financially able and stable from legal claims and compensation for damages that may occur to customers due to their products or services. In addition, any personal injuries acquired on your property are compensated for by this policy.