How does EduTrust Certification Scheme work.

The edutrust certification Scheme /EduTrust is a quality confirmation scheme directed by CPE for Private Education Institutions (PEIs) in Singapore. It plans to recognize non-public schools that can reliably keep an exclusive requirement of quality in the overall provision of training administrations and make consistent enhancements that lead to positive student outcomes.

Key considerations

  • EduTrust Certification Scheme Criteria

There are seven models under the edutrust certification Scheme. Every standard has a bunch of sub-models and things, with articulations determining the prerequisites of each time.

  • The executives Commitment and Responsibilities

This model analyses how the PEI exhibits obligation to accomplish its vision and how it conducts strategic planning.

  • Corporate Governance and Administration

This model inspects how the PEI accomplishes productivity and adequacy in the administration of authoritative operations and resources, outside associations, corporate administration, communication processes, the executives and classification of data, and input and complaints to improve administrations provided.

  • Outside Recruitment Agents

This measure analyses how the PEI chooses, manages, and evaluates its local and overseas outer recruitment specialists successfully. This is to guarantee that the specialists convey quality administrations to prospectivestudents and that they don’t take part in any distortion and untrustworthy practices.

edutrust certification

  • Student Protection and Support Services

This rule analyses measures relating to student protection by means of the Fee Protection Scheme, student agreement and discount, course move, withdrawal, and suspension strategies. It additionally inspects how the PEI designs its student support services to improve student prosperity in support of comprehensive schooling.

  • Academic Processes and Student Assessment

This model inspects how the PEI sets up cycles to guarantee that the courses offered address the issues and assumptions for the student and industry. It analyses how the PEI chooses and concedes qualified understudies into its courses, the utilization of appraisal to measure the accomplishment of the student learning results and how the PEI manages and monitorsacademic staff’s exercise delivery and students learning.


Therefore, Edutrust is the certification directed by the CPE for private educational institutions. It ensures that the non-public educational institutions are maintain quality trainings and make consistent enhancements which leads to quality student outcomes.