How people fighting to avoid racism?

World these days, always says the black people are bad and evil and the whites are innocent. This is what we can see in most of the movies and TV series too. We have made a protocol that black people are low when compared to whites. Since these days individuals are judged only the skin tone and not by any other things they possess and have.

Most of the black people are physically attacked, harassed and some are even killed and these things are totally out of the humanity. They did not do anything other than born as black, they are also human beings, and they also deserve some respect like whites do. All people should be treated with dignity as well as humanity. Not all white people are evil but some of them are still treating those people at the worst.

AT recent times, an enormous amount of actions have taken against individuals who are ill-treating those dark skinned people. A lot of awareness is being spread by and also among people. These individual are fighting to say no to racism culture and a plethora of initiations have taken to protect this kind of people including composing black lives matter songs.

Some people are also fighting against racism by wearing printed t-shirts against racism and also there are other objects that come with prints of images and quotes against racism. So, from this thing it is clear that more individuals are supporting anti-racist culture and fighting against the injurious disease racism to save lives of many.