How to Become a Real Estate Agent

Becoming a real estate agent can be done at different points of one’s life, whether young or a bit older, the first occupation, the middle or even the last. It is always up to you to figure out if being a real estate agent is really for you. But whether you are thinking about it or have decided to head straight on, you will have to follow certain steps.

Neighborhood Number 1: Do Your Research

A national real estate agent does not exist. Depending on where you are, you must meet the requirements needed from you. You can look online for your state’s regulatory office for real estate. States also have their own way of processing the obtaining of your license.

Typical questions would be:

  • Age
  • Process of application and fees
  • Background checking and fingerprinting
  • Education
  • Requirements from education (high diploma, etc.)
  • Exam and eligibility of exams
  • Pre-licensing courses as well as the requirements for post-licensing
  • The process of which is needed for the next step of licensing
  • Criminal history report

Note, however, that there are some states who have agreements with others where a licensed real estate agent can practice their professions without having to take the exam in the other state.

Neighborhood 2: Pre-licensing Courses

It is not possible for you to take the exam without first having to take courses from accredited schools. The time required depends on the state once again.

It is possible to take courses online and community colleges. It is best to think of the method that suits you well. Take your schedule and learning time into consideration. But also make sure you have done enough digging to see the kinds of programs you will be applying for.

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Neighborhood 3: Exam Time

It is just like every exam. Know the schedule, register and then pay.

The exam is computerized. It has two parts: (a) the general principles and practices in real estate, and (b) laws about your state. The format is in multiple-choice. The state decides on the allotted time and number of questions.

Both tests must be passed in order for you to get a license due to the fact that the tests are scored separately. No need to fret because you can still re-take the exam in any case you fail in both or in one of the sections. But know that the state has rules regarding the number of re-takes and the span in between the re-takes.

Pass the exam and you will need an application, documents, and fees for the real estate agency.

And there you have it. As soon as your name is listed and you have gotten your license, then you are absolutely free to go around and start doing your thing.

Neighborhood 4: You Might Want to be a Realtor

The difference between the two is that a realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). They follow their strict rules of ethics religiously. There are many benefits to becoming a realtor, one of which is the use of different business tools. There are plenty of other benefits and being a realtor adds to your credibility.

Although becoming a real estate agent requires a lot of time, effort and money, if you believe it is right for you, then, by all means, go ahead. You can even head further down the road by pursuing a broker license.

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