Companies carrying out road transport of goods, moving and/or renting of industrial vehicles with drivers are subject to specific regulation (the decree n ° 99-752 of August 30, 1999, modified). More specifically, the road transport of goods with vehicles of more than 3.5t presents a subcategory of which courier companies it is necessary to consider the specific rules essential to the creation of a company in this sector.


To register in the register, the entrepreneur will have to fulfill several conditions both in terms of training and financial capacity. Among other things, there are also conditions relating to the good repute of the leader and the establishment of the company.

Obtaining a transport capacity of more than 3.5 tonnes (GVW)

 The exam is broken down into a 100-point multiple-choice questionnaire (MCQ) and a written answer section (100 point for a sum of 200 points) on commercial law, management of transport companies test takes place over 4 hours. Candidates must obtain a total of 120 points out of 200 to validate the exam with a minimum of 50 points for the multiple-choice questions for courier companies  and 40 points for the written answer part.

courier companies

Condition of honor

The requirement of good repute aims at restricting the exercise of the profession to persons, having been the subject of convictions, occupying positions of responsibility (officer, director of the company within the company of transport of merchandise. Thus, these people should not have been banned from managing. This prohibition is a specific sentence that must have been pronounced by a judge, most crimes and common law offenses do not give rise to a prohibition to manage.

Minimum financial capacity

To make sure the long-standing process of the company, the law requires a minimum financial capacity. It is a question for the freight transport company to constitute own funds according to the number of transport vehicles used by the company. The condition is deemed to be fulfilled when the shareholders’ equity (share capital, reserves, etc.), which may be accompanied by financial guarantees from the company, reach at least 9000 euros for the first vehicle with an LDC (Maximum authorized weight) of more than 3.5 tones. also, 5000 euros per additional vehicle of the same type. Thus, if the transport company has 3 vehicles of a PMA> 3.5t then its financial capacity will have to be 9000 + 5000×2 = 19 000 Euros.