How to transfer your money to bank account from Visa Gift Card?

Are you having one nice and shiny gift card burning your hole in pocket, you have to transfer your money in your account for own convenience. In this way, you will not need to worry of carrying the extra piece of the plastic in the wallet till you have gone through the full balance. However, shifting balance to the bank account is not very simple as moving your funds from place to place. Good news is there are many options to check Vanilla Visa Gift Card balance, and some of that can cost something more than some minutes of the time.

Start the Process of Using Visa Gift Card

Suppose you have the Square reader, you may just swipe your card just like you will do with any other debit and credit card at any store. Suppose you do not have one, then you may get the basic reader free over signup. And after signup, you will pay 2.75% for every swipe, so this can cut in the total, but it is one simplest ways of transferring these funds, particularly if you have the Square connected to the bank account. Suppose you do not have the Square reader, you still can download app or sign up, but you will pay 3.75% if you enter card details manually.


Vanilla Products

MyVanilla Visa is not a Vanilla Git card product that is available right now. Vanilla also provides the prepaid gift cards that you and people that you buy it for will use anywhere that the Visa cards are been accepted. The Vanilla gift cards do not expire and are not credit cards, thus no credit check will be needed. This gift cards do not have to get activated when they are purchased.

You may see some signs advertising of Vanilla Reload that allows you add some more funds to the MyVanilla card at different retailers. So, all you have to do is to take the MyVanilla gift card to your cash register at the participating stores, just hand cashier the amount that you would like to add to an account as well as swipe the card. These funds are loaded on the card.


Thus these are some of the important things that you need to know when you buying gift cards from Vanilla Prepaid Gift card on stores or on internet.