How to wall-mount your TV

You’ll find step-by – step tips in this guide on how to mount your TV to a wall. Our video will help you determine if you’re up to the role.


You’ll need to gather the appropriate equipment and materials before you start your project. You would also need to specify the place of mounting. Think about how you want to deal with power cord and the HDMI cables.

5 Steps for Mounting on your RV Walls

How to choose the right mount

To suit a broad variety of TV screen sizes, we bring a broad collection of wall-mounting brackets. Start by reading our buying guide for the TV wall mount. Let us briefly note that tv mounting Toronto does also provide all kinds of wall-mounting brackets your TV may require during the process. Therefore, by using our service you will not need to do any calculations and visit your local shop more than one  time to get the exact size.

Not all brackets are mountable on concrete or stone, and the correct hardware should be used in only those. You may need to order additional materials from the manufacturer or purchase some supplies, such as concrete wall anchors, from your local hardware store. Make careful to obey the owner’s manual guidelines which you can find on our website.

When light can not be stopped, either a tilting wall monitor or a full-motion monitor (aka articulating). Adjustments to the narrow viewing angle will remove the light from your field of vision.

One more tip: Don’t hesitate to test your TV’s maximum weight that a bracket can bear to ensure it can carry it.

Cable concealment options

Part of what makes a wall-mounted television so appealing is its elegant, uncluttered appearance. There are a variety of ways to camouflage your power and A / V cables — from fast and easy cover-ups to more labor-intensive in-wall solutions.

It’s a smart idea to find out how you want your wires to be handled before you determine where to place your TV, because some places would be more install-friendly than others.

Select your mounting location

Have you got a choice of walls to put your TV on? What is your TV location dictated by the only viable furnishing system what cable TV position?

When you have a preference, then look at how during the hours you are most likely to watch Television, sunshine fills the house. Seek not to put your television on a wall hit by a lot of direct sunshine or interference from surrounding windows or light fixtures.

If you have to install your TV on an exterior wall, covering the cables inside the wall won’t be easy. That’s because they have extra bracing and insulation on the exterior walls.

Calculate your mounting height

How big would you be putting your Television on the wall?

The center of your TV screen will be at eye level while you’re seated, usually about 42 “for the best viewing experience.

Why not 42? And when the screen is seen head-on the picture is the highest. And mounting the television so high will inflict pressure to the back.

If you install a 75 “TV at 42” in the center of the room, the bottom of the tv would rest about 2 feet from the wall. Unless you’ve decided to get a piece of furniture under the TV, perhaps the 42 “concept won’t fit. When you notice that you need to put the TV so that the center of the frame is even higher than 42” you’ll have a tilting install.