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Sticking and Slipping

Nonetheless, regardless of these advantages, there are a few difficulties, including slipping and sticking. Stick-slip generally ends in a very faulty and demanding operation. This is because of variations in both static and kinetic friction. Though the surface of a bearing does combat sliding, for the most part, the power that interrupts static ends up being inordinate in regards to meeting the necessity for motion. Lower rate contributes to stick-slip, and even more, issues are potential when reaching certain set rankings within systems. This may interfere with exact procedures like machining.

Both air bearings and lineair geleider have surfaces that are entirely separate thanks to the pressurized fluid. They also give high load capacities and avoid any issues that come along with slide friction. The only problem is they may be expensive, and much more electricity is necessary to keep fluid pressure.

telescopische geleiders

Design and Selection is Important

Rolling element linear bearings are favored at times in positioning systems. Much relies on the design and choice of the linear bearing, however. Rolling bearings work with a very small contact area. Random pressures do some damage on bearings. So, it makes sense that crucial hardness and parameters are very important. Avoid deformed rollers and much more by maintaining the level of component quality. Just tailor the conformation of this ball radius and then race to secure elliptical contact and point.


Preloading is a different method to harden rolling linear slides – it optimizes the pressure region with ease. Avoid overdoing it; continual preloading is not intelligent. Ball deformation is possible even though it remains in given ranges. The lineair geleide will change instead of the roll as easily as it should.


It’s important to get conformity on both the ball and the track to avoid scuffing. Even if the stiffness and capability are high, the scuffing will be a major element in the performance. If the surfaces of both are closer in shape, the scuffing worsens. This is a great time to replace linear bearings.