Make Sure Your Bride Is Accompanied By The Best With Wedding Bouquet Singapore 

After I Do, the most anticipated moment in a wedding is to see who catches the bride’s bouquet. A wedding symbolizes the union of two people in love, and the perfect wedding flowers symbolize the celebration of that union. Be it a centrepiece or the beautiful bride walking down the aisle holding a bouquet, and flowers are vital for weddings. Different cultures use flowers in different ways at weddings, but at the end of the day, they all use flowers. The wedding bouquet singapore is the epitome of a beautiful wedding.

Kinds Of Wedding Bouquets

While a bouquet can be made out of any flower, the traditional wedding bouquet consists of the following flowers. One can choose to mix and match or keep their flower arrangement simple and authentic.

  • Roses
  • Peonies
  • Phalaenopsis
  • Lilies

To enhance the bouquet’s appearance, people often add flowers such as delphiniums, white chamomile, lavender, and decorative fillers.

Importance Of Wedding Bouquet 

It is believed that a wedding bouquet brings joy and satisfaction in a marriage. The ribbon holding the bouquet together symbolizes fellowships the same way love and trust hold a marriage together.

Advantages Of Using Fresh Flowers In Wedding Bouquets 

Fresh flowers are any day, a better alternative than artificial ones. They add a soulful fragrance to a wedding venue and can be decomposed and put to good use after the ceremony. What will you do with 200 artificial bouquets? Also, real flowers showcase the amount of time and effort you put in choosing the perfect flower and the perfect scent that best describes your wedding.

A bright and vibrant room automatically lights up people’s moods, and what better way to do so than god’s creation of vibrancy. No theme in the world can be made better without flowers, be it something simple or majestic. For a wedding-like occasion where love is in the air, fragrant flowers make a fantastic addition.