More knowledge on the non-surgical facial lift

For a long time, only surgical Face shaping or facelifting was famous. Because of advances in dermal technology, it is now possible to reshape, volumize, and uplift the face without undergoing surgery. The non-surgical face lifting treatment restructures the size of the face. This aids in the renewal and enhancement of the overall appearance of the face. There is no downtime in this process. The operation is quite safe, and it provides your face a new and elegant appearance by enhancing it.

HIFU expands High-Intensity Focuseed Ultrasound. It is a non-surgical procedure that emits ultrasound energy into the layers of the skin. This gives an effective triple-layer lifting effect on a specific spot. It lifts a sagging face, removes fat cheeks, and removes double chin to give a V-shaped face. Also, this procedure helps as the following

Strengthens saggy skin

  • It Strengthens saggy skin
  • It Elevates and firms saggy face
  • It reduces wrinkles and fine lines
  • It Trims double chin and excessive facial fat
  • It Improves dark circles, skin tone, and texture

However, If the patient shows early indications of aging, a non-surgical facial lift offers the best outcomes. The surgical alternative can be the best option for you if you have a deep wrinkle or significant skin sagging. Note that, a non-surgical Face lifting only results on a temporary basis. You have to repeat the process to retain the outcome. Yet, Surgical and non-surgical face lifts has both pros and cons. So, you must think twice before attempting to do a surgical facelift or non-surgical face lift.