Most Popular Wood choices for Flooring

You can never go wrong with wooden flooring. It is classic and gels well in the modern décor. Wooden floors are naturally beautiful and can uplift the look of any space. They are durable, strong, hygienic, and improve the air quality. They come in various colors and patterns, and you can pick one based on your preferences and needs. This article is to help you understand all the options and varieties of wood available and what suits you the best.

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Different Species of Woods and their salient Features

The Sturdy Oak

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Oak is one of the most common and best choices for hardwood flooring. They are strong and durable and are low-maintenance. It is perfect for people who want to flaunt the floors and not hide them under rugs.

The color of Cherry Wood

The color is its most prominent feature- it has a reddish-brown color that accentuates a room and adds to its warmth. It is sanded to get the right finish and increase its longevity.

The exotic look of Maple

One of the strongest and sturdiest hardwood species, Maple gives a glossy finish to the floors. The grainy texture and pattern of the wood panels add to the aesthetics and are a popular choice.

Sustainable Bamboo

Bamboo is a new choice of wood known for its strength and flexibility. Also, it is a favorite choice of builders because of its rapid regrowth making it sustainable and at lower costs.

Simply Pine

Pine is a choice you cannot go wrong with., Its natural color and grain are beautiful and goes well with all the décor. It is soft and easy to maintain.


These are the top 5 choices of wood species that are commonly used. You can stain them, polish them or leave them unfinished based on your preferences. Regular maintenance of wooden floors ensures durability and doesn’t hole your pockets.