Reasons to Get CCTV Surveillance Cameras to Stop Crime

CCTV surveillance is a necessity that every home must have. Because crime rates in many cities have reached at a higher level. Many robberies have happened till now that also includes murder. The cctv surveillance camera is proven to be very effective to keep your family safety. Having the surveillance camera in your home will help identify the thief. Not just that, it will help to stop the ongoing robbery or sometimes prevent it. Features to look at:

Motion Detection

The on-demand recording appears to be an important feature in the modern CCTV systems. It’s useful in the infrequently-accessed locations, where the continuous recording throughout a day can offer you with several hours of the footage of the door and 30 seconds of the people coming & going.

modern CCTV systems

2-Way Audio

This is another overlooked CCTV features. The two-way audio feature allows an operator in a control room to talk with the person standing in front of a CCTV camera. This conversation itself will be recorded & archived, like other type of the footage. This feature is mainly useful for the interactive control systems, where an access to the restricted area should be confirmed and controlled by the human operator. But, it is very useful in various other situations too.

Prevents Theft and Shoplifting

The business security cameras, placed prominently, will help to deter theft. Do you know, around 64% of small businesses are victim to the employee theft, and small businesses lose huge amount every minute to the shoplifters