Retain the distribution rights which are related to product sales.

The retail campaign for the products has become successful at the beginning of the year. Each of the models is simplified with the old-fashioned and original ideas for potential investors. The customers and the official distributors of the models will continue to retain the distribution rights which are related to the product sales at The concept of self-assembly wooden models is developed in different countries like the UK. The trade fairs are presented at the first models in order to attract the attention of the companies and investors instantly. The official representatives in the united states are always granted with a status. The models are promoted successfully in the US retail market in order to begin the sale.

Shipping services to the customers:

The unique models throughout the entire united states will include a number of distributors at The steady product inventory is maintained by a list of the potential customers developed by UB. The online purchases are shipped within the united states as we offer the free standard shipping service to the customers.  There is no additional cost involved if you want to send a personalized message in our exclusive gift package. The replacement requests which are placed by the customers will be processed by our team as soon as possible. The superior level of service is provided to the customers by our dedicated team.

Get assistance about the products:

The assembly kits which are offered to the customers will allow them to experience a world of real-life mechanics. If you require any assistance about the products which are available on our website then you can get in touch with our support team. The models which are evolved into the most sophisticated toys can be found only after the assembly is complete. The products will last for many years to come as our models are made up of natural wood. You can check the way how the mechanical drive is connected if you want to know about the overall gear ratio. There will be no harm to the environment by using our products as they can be recycled.