Skull Jewelry –Why & Who Wears Them

We will often see skull rings worn by men’s on their fingers. For a few people, skulls appear to be very frightening, some take this unique accessory with curiosity, whereas others admire them if they know what it means. So, are there any other reasons behind these precious metal rings beautified with skulls or are a controversial accessory? Let us loo k at some of the best reasons to buy skull jewelry and find the right skull store online.

mess up with anyone who oozes danger.

What Does the Skull Jewelry Signify?

Right off a bat, skull bracelets, rings, and necklaces are some of the bold body ornaments adorned by the people. For a lot of people around the world, particularly those who have tjhe soft spot for the motorcycles, they’re symbol of fearlessness or face of danger and death.

At least, it is such importance attached to the skull attributes by the bikers, subculture that popularized the symbol in 20th century & made it available to everybody. For men on the motorcycles, skull is the patron and protector. High speed is one method of self-affirmation for a bike rider. However, it carries a hazard. When anyone wears a death mark (it is, a skull), it does not let grim reaper we take them with it. Therefore, skull becomes the protection from death.

One more established significance of the skulls is immortality. Here skulls are known before a birth of biker movement. The ancient civilizations thought that the bones and skulls are links that will connect the whole world of living with world of immortal ones. It’s because skulls, not like flesh, don’t decompose, and thus they are eternal.

For such reason, skulls of the animals and people became props in a lot of tribal ceremonies & rituals. Even now, bone and skull attributes are been used in occult  esoteric rituals. Simultaneously, we can’t deny that the skull is symbol of death. It’s an image of skull placed on the hazardous substances or high-voltage equipment or other stuff that will be very dangerous. Same symbol caught pirates’ eye that put this on a Jolly Roger flag for instilling fear in the opponents.