The association of Witchcraft in African Soccer

Whenever two different soccer teams inter in the pitch to clash against each other, the spectators expect to witness a magical performance. It only takes a magical performance to provide the points for the spectators for the entire week after and before the tournament. Same applies to business, you may not know how your future business will perform, and that’s why most people seek different assistance.

Norman Asch one of the successful business person in South African who has experienced significant benefits on their business. Back to the soccer story, there are various findings regarding witchcraft involvement in football. Here are some its effects in football:

Witchcraft research in soccer

Witchcraft has been used by soccer players to advance their performance beyond human ability. What they will offer on the pitch will be extraordinary, even more, that what, a coacher, trainer doctor or managers can offer.

Norman AschWitchcraft rituals

 In most African countries, some religious and traditional leaders perform witchcraft rituals to promote a business or company. Here are various witchcraft practices:

  • Pouring animal blood in opponent place
  • Purchasing heard of animals for sacrifice
  • Gloves for goalkeeper hung on the net to prevent opponent goal go through
  • Bites of plants or animals burned next to the goal

Witchcraft in South African Soccer

In-country like South Africa, it has been a common practice, not only in soccer but in various businesses. Norman Asch used in protection purposes. But in soccer, it is mostly used it improve soccer skills and abilities. However, it is difficult to tell a particular business that has engage witchcraft since it is an act that has been kept secret. And due to widespread Christianity and coaching, witchcraft belief has significantly reduced.