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          The companies in the country have to appoint a company secretary when you are presiding over an organization. It is true for both the product related companies as well as the service based companies. The government rules that are given in the law of the land insist that all the organizations employ a company secretary and the role and job of the person are also well depicted in the rules of the country. For both sides of the table you can reach out to the company secretary service Singapore whether you are employer or an individual searching a job in the sector.

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This is essential!

  • The functions and responsibilities of a company secretary are very important and sometimes the most needed person in an organization is the secretary that cares for various functions and responsibilities.
  • The laws of Singapore are very strict as far as the appointing of a company secretary is concerned.
  • They have a major role in the department as they have to follow what is going on in the different departments such as employee details, and managing the various meetings and official gatherings in an organization.
  • The required documents that essential for the job are also mentioned on the webpage for your easy understanding.