The WSQ Certificate Courses In Hotel And Accommodation Services

The Workforce Skill Qualifications or better known as WSQ in short is skill upgrade program offered by Singapore to its citizens who are willing to involve in skill upgrade programs in their existing field or something new if they are willing to switch their domain. There multiple levels of the WSQ certifications which are there to be offered. The skills are of multiple genres, starting from technical to inter-personal skills, everything gets covered. These certifications are predominantly based on the national skills standards and the industry agreed terms. The training which is provided through WSQ is monitored by the Workforce Singapore, which is meant to manage and look after the talents. The types of skills which are offered by these WSQ Training Centers are mainly categorized into two major parts, namely, Industry & Occupational Skills and Foundation Skills.

WSQ Certificate in Hotel Management and Hospitality Sector

The Hotel Hospitality sector is again booming after a slight hiccup due to the Pandemic situation worldwide. Now that the restrictions are getting eased and people are starting to go out of their house and going to holiday destinations after having proper vaccinations, the tourism industry is again starting to flourish.

And for the increasing demand of people with suitable qualification and training in the mentioned field, the wsq certification courses are being offered to candidates who are willing to learn and get certified in the Hotel and Accommodation Sector. The students who would go on to complete the WSQ course would be handed the diploma certificate, which would in turn help them prosper in the role of Hotel Management in the Hospitality Industry. Also, the candidate getting enrolled for these courses need not have any prerequisites of any prior education.