Tips for First-Time Film makers

Filmmaking is a noble profession. It a medium through which you can show the public your perception of a concept. Many would appreciate it while otherswould criticize it. Anyway, you wantedto show it to the world and you did. That’s what is important. If it has the power to impose on the head of an individual and change the way he or she took it before, it’s your victory. The easiest medium to reach out to alarge audience is throughfilms. Well, to make a film as a fresher, there is some advice that would help you to exactly reflect your thought in the movie.

Breakdown the script

Saint and sages or the professionals have said that the biggest and toughest tasks can be donewithout any problem if you break into parts. The same thing applies here too. To pull up your shooting in a sequence isn’t an easy task. Moreover, it would waste a lot of time to make those necessary arrangements for the other scenes. It is always an intelligent and time effective thing to break down the similar scene together and do that part of the shooting, this would save your time.

Otherwise, you can shoot that part of the scene that you already have thought of beforehand. If you haven’t donethat, do it with your director of photography and the cinematographer immediately. The clearer you are with the scenes the more clearlywill be the output. All directors shouldhave a clear view of the exact scene they are looking for. The more time you give behind the scenes, the more beautiful will be the presentation of the main screen.


The perfect crew

Choose your crew wisely. You don’t want to create problems during shooting because of miscommunication. The crew is your backbone and having a dedicated crew allows you to get your movie going smoothly. Have actors that could do justice to the role and not those that just want a paycheck. They should know what your intentions are with the movie and the theme you want to portray perfectly.

Have a strong message

The whole shooting is about the message you wish to show your audience. The message should be strong and clear yet not over-exaggerated. Keep it simple yet powerful. This is the whole motive; to showthe audience your vision and hope they realize it and love it.


Your attempt to make the film the way you want may not be possible. You have to compromise over the scene so as not to ruin them. You can go to free movies online to check for the scenes of the best movies and analyze them.