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“What you working on Freddy?” The boy looked up at his father and responded, “A story about superheroes saving the world.”

“Freddy, did you know your great granddad Asch was part of a group of superheroes who saved the world for real? In fact, every American was a superhero back then.” Freddy’s attention had been split between his father and his writing. Now, dad had his full attention.

“Really?”, Freddy asked.

“Really, he fought in World War 2. You know about World War 2, don’t you?”

“That was the one with the Nazis right?”

“Right. Let me borrow the computer for a second so I can show you something, Freddy.”

Norman Asch

Freddy’s father typed out the web address “I found this site by accident Fred. It has information about people who served in the armed forces.”, the boy’s father explained. “Now watch this.”

The name Norman Asch appeared in the search box. “That was great grandad’s name.”, Freddy observed. A couple of clicks of a mouse and the father said, “There you go, Freddy. This is everything your great granddad did during the war.” Freddy was more intrigued by the idea of everyone having superpowers.

Freddy looked at his father with more than a trace of incredulity in his expression and inquired. “If everybody was a superhero back then were did their powers come from?” His father chuckled and rubbed Freddy’s head. “Their powers were always inside of them. It took super villains threatening the world to activate them.”, was the reply.

With a sense of pride that came from being descended from the “Greatest Generation” Freddy’s dad added, “Fred, their superpowers came from patriotism, a willingness to sacrifice, and accepting that there were needs greater than their own.”

“OK dad that’s cool, but could great granddad Asch fly?”