What are the different types of proxy server?

According to the proxy server type, there are many different definitions and proxy usage. Proxy server is responsible to get the establishment of indirect network connection among locations and services within every smart device. Mostly people consider it to be the application to define a system that provides service for establishing an indirect connection with every other network. Mostly proxy server is capable of filtering traffic and handling every client request within forwarded server system. Every proxy server helps in making the secure connection and it keeps your PC working anonymously for major time period.

free proxy server

There are many advantages that can be gained by using proxy server where you will have the ability to surf over web anonymously. The increased speed of browsing will get through enhanced security and get everyone through advanced advantages of which server works with many purposes. There are many purposes to serve according to the types. They are

  • SSL Proxy – The secure socket layer is a protocol that is used to protect data while transmitting and this is commonly used over internet. This can execute transaction and symbolize the padlock of browser which is opposed to unsecured network connection. This is represented as https. The free proxy server is connected between server and client. It basically connects with sender and receiver to protect information that is being transmitted over internet. The connection is intervened by the attacking force and there are many things transmitted over it.
  • FTP Proxy – File transfer protocol is used with many different applications and the data is uploaded to server. When building a website, make everything visible and get the connection through reserved space within live internet access. There are many advanced mode available with this kind of server.
  • HTTP Proxy – This proxy server is found around the caching pages that allow access along faster network options. This makes you find the quicker access of page over every network.
  • SOCKS Proxy – It is meant to be socket proxy that normally considered with every application. When you compare the proxy server, the request is handled by the established network and exchanged with connections. This is deployed through firewall choices and establishes request from every bit of action.
  • Anonymous Proxy – This is just the name that applies to provide browsing internet and its sources are exploit with personal information listing in many conversations. Thus surfing over internet is becoming the right kind of action everytime.