Why visit villages around Vietnam as a part of your tour?

Most of us in this generation do not get to a chance to live in villages as we have migrated to either study or work in cities even though we are from villages. Some people doesn’t even have any chances of visiting villages as their whole family got settled in cities several decades ago. A lot will be missed when you are not visiting or living in villages. Are you visiting Vietnam shortly? Then plan a maichau 1 day tour which will sure give a good experience.

Even though you are visiting some age old temples, palace and many other things, a live village with all the traditional things that is followed still cannot be ignored. Read below the importance of visiting these villages. They are as follows,

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  • Vietnamese villages are ever a great place to visit during the tour as you can find a whole lot of paddy farms and other agricultural activities happening every day. Every culture is different and that too one can find a real cultural difference between an urban and a rural men or women residing in the same country itself.
  • If you are a fan of traditional village foods, then visiting the village stalls will replenish you even more. If you get a chance to plan a mai chau 1 day tour, do not miss staying there a night to enjoy yourself even more. Buy several unique gift things from the villages to remember it forever.